Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SHINee is so funny revealed Onew talent...hehehe

SHINee recently revealed a behind-the-scenes episode from SM Town‘s after party in LA.

Due to his musical, Rock of Ages, Onew was not able to participate in the recent recording of KBS 2TV Nocturnal. Instead, the remaining SHINee members, Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin, participated as daily MCs.

During the show, the MCs asked questions about the after party that took place when SM Town was in LA for their concert. They started off by saying, “If it was a party, you probably had some drinks.” To this, SHINee members stated, “Because the legal age to purchase and drink alcohol in the States is 21, with the exception of Onew, none of us could drink.”

They added, “That day, Onew drank well by himself. He showed off an odd talent of opening bottles without a bottle opener, too. Unlike the other members, who returned to our hotel room early, Onew enjoyed the entire party and came back the latest.”

They also talked about the much talked about chartered plane they took to LA. They stated that all the celebrities rode in the business class, while the CEO was in the first class section. They will reveal one celebrity that got to ride in first class with the CEO on this episode.

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