Friday, October 1, 2010

Give me a chance to love you.

My Love,

I’ve think about it lately,

I can’t remove you who are stuck in my heart,

Because, for me it’s love,

Because it’s love,

This is all about you, my love,

I want to hate you but I love you,

My heart can’t stop love you,

It’s hurts when I see you, see you in pain,

I can’t breathe, now hold my hand,

I will take you from this pain.

My love,

At first, I hoped you were happy,

Even you in someone else heart, someone else arms,

Even you were in by her side,

I believed your word, that you were happy with her,

Even, even without me, it will enough for me,

But, but when I saw your tears, saw your pain,

No matter how much I bear it,

No matter how much I bear to watch it,

I can’t, i can’t stand it anymore,

I’m not able to see your painful love,

That person doesn’t love you, but why, why,

Why don’t you get it, why, why,

Forget her; leave her, that is bad love,

That love will leave you in pains,

Stop it, stop your tears,

I’m here for you; I’m here to save your pure soul,

Please, please, let me save you from pains,

My love,

Believe me, believe me,

I swear to you,

This love will be the last one for you,

You will not be in pain anymore,

I will protect you from enemy,

Your eyes, your smile are precious for me,

I wanna make you happy,

Please my love, please, believe my words,

I will be your angel,

The angel that can shine your life,

The angel that can bright your smile,

The angel that protect you,

Please my love, please,

Give me a chance to love you,

This heart is empty just to fill your love,

Please my love, please,

Give a chance to love you.


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