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연상 (Older Women) Killer” Minho: “Son Eun Seo is really pretty

“Older Women Killer” SHINee Minho expresses his thoughts about Son Eun Seo’s beauty.
In the recent KBS2TV variety show, “100 Points out of 100.”, the pair, SHINee Minho and Eun Seo who are often seated together for broadcast, staged a pink atmosphere around them which immediately captured everyone’s attention.

SHINee Key who was one of the guests for the latest Christmas special episode, revealed that Minho was a ‘Noona (women older than Minho) Killer’ and that Eun Seo was the exact ideal type of woman that Minho falls for.
In response to this, Eun Seo blushed in embarrassment, leaving Minho flustered, unknowingly creating a love atmosphere at the filming set.
Besides that, another guest of the day, Super Junior Kim Heechul mentioned that he “really likes Son Eun Seo” and wanted her to join in his AB group Jjo Ko Bol, (which consists of celebrities of blood type AB) in which Minho replied with, “Eun Seo Noona is not even AB, why are you being like this!” His anxious reaction furthermore added on to the suspicions of the present artistes, that the two of them really had something going on.
Subsequently, Heechul danced to SNSD’s Hoot, and directed his archery dance movement towards Son Eun Seo, which ended up with a jealous Minho standing in front of Eun Seo to block Heechul, making everyone laugh.
The love line of Minho and Son Eun Seo can be seen in the upcoming 25th December episode of “100 Points out of 100

SHINee to make Japanese debut in Marc

Today South Korean boy band “SHINee” held their first concert in Japan at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo and have announced that they are going to make their official Japanese debut under “EMI Music Japan” in March 2011.
In 2008 they were awarded Rookie of the Year in South Korea. Since then their popularity has kept on growing and now they are going to follow their fellow idol groups to Japan to expand their fandom even further.
Even before their debut they are already a big number in Japan. Within one month more than 100,000 people applied for a ticket for their performance today. In the end, 24,000 lucky people were able to see the five members of SHINee today. They performed two shows, which adds up to about 5 hours and 60 songs. There is no doubt that this must have pleased their Japanese fans.
Member Jonghyun still wasn’t able to fully perform with the others due to an injury on his left foot. “I’m sad that I can’t perform as much as I want, but at least I’m able to stay on stage with the others,” he said in tears.

~can i love you again~


The alarm is ringing....

"Yumi,wake up! Or u will be late.",say Hinako Mayumi.


Hi,my name is Hinako Ayumi.
I'm the only child in my family.
Today, i will start my day as high school student.
Just about a month, my family and i moved to this area.
So,i don't much about this place.
Today, i want create new memory of my life.
I erase old memories that stay in my head.
I want forget him.
Let him be my unforgettable memory.

"Mama,do you see my sock?",ask Ayumi

"Where did you put your sock? Didn't you yesterday already prepared it? Think again where did u put it?",answer Mayumi.

"Honey,did u see my watch?". Later,Hinako HAreshi come and ask Mayumi.

"Oh my god,you two. How come father and daughter always forget where did they put heir things?",say Mayumi.

"Well mama,me and papa always forget about our things,so,please forgive us. By the way mama, do u want let ur eggs burn?",say Ayumi.

"WHAT???? Oh no!!!!!!"

"Honey,don't be angry. If u angry, me and Yumi will be scared,u know??",Say Hareshi.

"Whatever. Now,hurry up or you both will be late.",say Mayumi.

"OKAY!!",say Ayumi and her papa.


"Bye",say Mayumi.


~on the way to the school~

"The train will be arrived at station on 7.30 am.Everyone please stay at the place that have been told"

While Ayumi wait for her train,there is one man come to her.

He want snatch Ayumi school bag but unfortunately there is a guy save Ayumi.

The man that want snatch Ayumi school bag already been passed to the police.

Ayumi want to thanks to her hero but....

"Are you okay?"ask the guy who save Ayumi.

As Ayumi look at that guy face make Ayumi wanna cry.
Ayumi minds stop for a while. She can't think properly. There are faces that always appear in her mind.

That guy ask Ayumi again,"Are u alright,girl?"

Ayumi can't say anything.Her mouth looks like have been lock by something.

This time that guy touch her hand and say,"Hey,are u okay?You look so sick.Let me send u to clinic."


Ayumi scream and run away from that guy.

That guy looks so shock and surprised.

Ayumi run and enter her train. As the train go, Ayumi saw that guy face with confusion expression. Ayumi avoid seeing his face.

"Oh my god,what should i do?It can't can't be...It can't be him....I can't be him"

That what Ayumi say again and again.


~At school~

"Okay,today i will is a new day for all of you.I'm Kimura Kareshi. I will be your homeroom teacher. Any question?No?",say Kimura Kareshi as the teacher of OHSHION HIGH SCHOOL.

Ayumi still can't believe what she has been see.
After a moment....

"Hai there!"

Someone greet Ayumi.

"Hello!! My name is Harada Riku.What is your name?",ask Harada Riku.

Ayumi was so suprised because she is the first person who approaches me.

"Hi.My name is Hinako Ayumi.", i reply it back.

"Where did you come from?It seem you are new to this area.",ask Riku.

"Oh,i'm from Tokyo."

"Oh,thats why you look so new at here.",say Riku.

"Wei,come here everyone.She's not arrogant.Come here.Introduce yourselves to her.",say Riku.

Ayumi was so surprised because there were a bunch of people who stand behind the door of her class.

"Hai Ayumi!!!!!!!!!!!", say everyone.

Among all people,Ayumi saw someone that remind her of someone.

Ayumi quickly stand up.

Everyone were curious why she stand up suddenly.

"I'm sorry. I have to go now.",say Ayumi.

Ayumi quickly run away from them.

Harada Riku follows Ayumi.

"Ayumi,wait for me",say Riku.

'Please!!Please!!pLEASE,don't folow me',say Ayumi in her heart.

Ayumi turn her way to toilet.

"Ayumi,what's wrong with you?What happen?Why you suddenly run away from them?",ask Riku with may question.

As Riku ask Ayumi and look at her face, Ayumi tears are fall.

Ayumi cry suddenly.

"Hey,what's wrong?What happen?Why you cry?",ask Riku with worried expression.

"Nothing. Just i remember about someone."


"My late boyfriend. He already passed away.",say Ayumi with heavy heart.'

"oH,i'm so sorry.I don't know about that."

"its okay...he already leave me long time ago...i already forget him",said Ayumi but in her heart, 'maybe..maybe i forget about him'

ding dong ding dong.......

~the bell already calling them to go back to their class~

At the class, Takeda Takeshi's mind full with a lot of question.

'why Ayumi ran when see me??why she cry when saw my face??did she hate me??',ask Takeshi to himself.

"Okay everybody,since today is your first time meet with each other,i want you all introduce yourself to all your friend. We will begin with Ayumi. Please begin Ayumi-san" say sensei.

"hmmm~~hai everyone,my name is Hinako Ayumi. I come from east."say Ayumi

And the ice breaking finish. After that,a lot of people like to come to Ayumi desk to ask her question. Ayumi personality make all guys melt with her cools side and silent. But Ayumi hate it.She think everyone do not know her very much.Because she not like what everyone think. To her,she like to talk about sport and music.She want mixed with everyone. But no one understand her. Until...

"hai pretty girl,what are you doing here?" suddenly Takeshi come out without her notice.

Ayumi who in lala land shocked.

"......."Ayumi do not know what she should say.

"Well everyone say you arrogant but elegant.but i don’t think so."say Takeshi.

'What he trying to say',say Ayumi in her heart.
“well,if you don’t want talk to me,its okay.”say Takeshi.
Then Takeshi walks away.

Ayumi feel so guilty for make Takeshi sad. She doesn’t know why she can’t speak. She really wants talk to Takeshi but her mouth can’t say anything.


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