Monday, February 6, 2012

~trip family~

think about future!!!

Nowadays,i always think about my future!!
i always think what i will be in 10 years!!!!
this year,a lot of my lecturer getting married...wah!!!
i'm so jealous!!!
but its okay!!!
every humankind will get their own partner!!!
i hope i can meet my future partner before i die!!!
i also hope i can give a happiness to my family who raised me hardly even though i always make them worried all the time!!!
but i want to prove to them i already grown up!!
even though my outer is like a child but i can identify and recognize between what is wrong or right!!!
i want to know more about this world so i will never been fooled by someone!!!
my dad and mom always say to me "Akak,you can do anything except things that can bring ashamed to our family!!"

they always support me whenever i feel so stress about my study or friends!!!
i'm so thankful to ALLAH for give me a change to see my parent be proud of me!!!
so i decide to give them happiness first before my happiness!!!

talk about happiness!!!
until now,i can't find right man who can conquer my heart!!!
still no candidate!!
and still don't have hint about him!!!
i hope i can meet him!!!

oh,my future husband,where are you?!!
after i meet him,i will tell everything that he want to know!!!
i will tell him about how much i adore him so much!!!
i will spoil my husband!!
i hope i can do that!!!!!

okay, that's all for today!!!
will post new entry when i'm not busy!!!!

p/s; gotta achieve my goal before i gone!!!


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