Tuesday, October 26, 2010

~my heart is smiling~

My heart is smiling~

My heart is smiling because of you~

You make my heart smile, when I’m in pain~

Ever since i fell in love, i can only see you~

My heart beating so fast, just because i love you~

Even i close my eyes, block my ears~

I still can see you in my head, i still can hear your voice in my mind~

I live with my eyes filled only you~

When you feel so happy, I will be happy for you, so our happiness will be double~

When you feel so sad, I will become your handkerchief and wipe them away~

Your sadness and happiness is my pleasure~

Wherever I am, I’ll remember only you~

Whatever I do, I’ll remember only you~

When I woke up until I go to sleep, I’ll only remember you~

My heart is smiling~

My love toward you have been shown to every single day~

My heart feel so sad when you say that I can’t love you too much~

Tell me why,why, I want only you~

Don’t say those words anymore~

It just make my heart broke~

I will continue to love you even its break my heart~

I will continue to love you until I’m dead~

I’ll live with heart filled about you~

My heart smiling~

Even if a day goes by~

Even if a month goes by~

Even if a year goes by~

I love you, I will tell you countless time~

Even you tell me don’t love you, It will not be affected my love toward you~

Don’t try to comfort me,my heart is freezing just because I love you~

Its okay if you don’t want me love you~

But I will not listen to it~

To be able to love you one day, just one day~

It will be enough for me~

Just for you~

Only you can make my heart smile~

Just you and only you~


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