Sunday, January 16, 2011

~I never get my chance to love you~

Till now~
I still never get your love~
I still never get inside your heart~
Failure, I fail to catch your heart back~
I let your heart brake~
I didn’t fulfill my promise~
I still let you go~
Let you go to that person arms~
Even your heart hurt by that person~
You still love her~
Even her love is bad love, playful love~
I say I promise I will never let you cry again~
I say I promise I will never let you hurt more~

I regret with my promise~
My love~
Forgive me, forgive me for not stop you from that heart broken~
I just let you slip away from my arms~
I never looked after you~
Whenever you need me, I hid myself~
I hid from you, hid from everything~
I’m so sorry, I’m sorry because never take care of you~

You leave without saying goodbye~
I think about the past, my boy~
Time when we both happy together~
Now, you gone without saying goodbye to me~
It’s all a simple misunderstanding~
Just because I say love you with simple word~
But you never want believe me~
But when that women say I love you to you~
You just leave me and say that you want go with her~
I don’t really understand, my man~
Please make me understand it~
Now, right now~
just left your memories with me~
Just your memories~

After you with that person~
You tell me that you just play with me~
Play with me just to cure your heart~
Boy, I’m sad that I just a toy to you~
If you just think me as your toy~
Then I will never exist in this world~
I disappear from your sight~
So you and her can be happy together ever after~
Go ahead~
I let you go and now I will receive my punishment~
I gave you dream~
So you can meet your world~
I give it at all~
My love, my love, my love~
I say goodbye to you~
Goodbye and goodbye~

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