Sunday, January 9, 2011

~a friend that i think friend~

a friend~~

what is the meaning by friend~

does they can make us happy?~

can they say that they hate we when we on fight?~

a friend~

at first i saw you,i think~

as i think you,i feel so comfortable with you~

we talk, we laugh, we sad, we cry, together~

as together, we should share whats on your mind~

but why,why must you forget about me~

why,why leave me when i have problem~

you find another friend,another friend~

after that,you forget about me~

just once,just once~

can you look at me just once~

just once,just this once~

then i will leave this world~

disappear from this world~

lost from your sight~

i thank you~

thank you for being my friend~

thank you for listen to my problem~

as long as i live~

i will never forget about you~

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