Friday, January 13, 2012

~When we talk about love~

it is about love we talking about.
what is the love?
when we talk about love,we will imagine with sweet and romantically about it....but just a certain love that can make us and our partner truly love us....
 but what will happen when we married with someone that didn't love us and we also don't anything about him??

can love be produced at that time?
can he love us after both of us get married?
what if he misunderstand our feeling toward him after we already fall in love with him?
can our marriage lead us to happiness??

well,everything has its solver and its happiness....

if he doesn't love us,show him that we only him forever since he is our husband....
show him that our soul,body,heart and love only for him....

definitely,he will feel and recognize our love!!!

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